Welcome to the 2024 PRINT Salon

This is a print-only competition with the following sections:

  1. Monochrome Open               
  2. Colour Open                    
  3. Nature                                   
  4. Creative                             
  5. Monochrome Portrait 
  6. Scapes

Entries close 10th June 2024

Participation in VIGEX exhibitions is available to professional and amateur photographers from any country.


Competition now concluded - VIGEX 2024 Print Salon
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Results for competitions in VIGEX 2024 Print Salon

There were 18 entries that were rated the highest by our judge(s).

To request a copy of your results you will be asked to sign in with the email address you entered this competition with. A link to generate award certificates is available in the e

Portrait in black 02
Siu Chuen Young – Champion Colour Print and PSA Gold Medal
Colour Open

Timea Ambrus – Champion Monochrome Print and PSA Gold Medal
Monochrome Open

Puffin Flying with Sandeels
Ian Mitchell – PSA Gold Medal

The Lighthouse Keepers Domain
Heather Prince – PSA Gold Medal

Theodore 3
Christian Kieffer – PSA Gold Medal
Monochrome Portrait

In a Kings Meadow
Sue Wilson – PSA Gold Medal

Old Women
Bui Thi Khanh Hoa – FIAP Gold Medal
Monochrome Open

Coming home
Ketut Suwitra – FIAP Gold Medal
Colour Open

Hippo Enonkishu
Alex McLean – FIAP Gold Medal

Where The Wild Things Are
Nerissa Byrne – FIAP Gold Medal

Why so serious
Charles Scicluna – FIAP Gold Medal
Monochrome Portrait

Morning Lake Biwa
Lesley Bretherton – FIAP Gold Medal

Black In Circle_01
Siu Chuen Young – APS Gold Medal
Monochrome Open

Glory for bravers only
Le Quang Vien – APS Gold Medal
Colour Open

Polar Bear Whale Fat Treat
Karyn Parisi – APS Gold Medal

Covid abnormal
Charles Scicluna – VAPS Gold Medal

Ong gia cham
Bui Thi Khanh Hoa – VAPS Gold Medal
Monochrome Portrait

Foggy Country Road
Nerissa Byrne – VAPS Gold Medal

by Gloria van der Meer, 30/06/2024